The CKS SMS is the “Safety Management System”

The Safety Management System is an online ‘Wiki’ formatted electronic document outlining company policy and approved procedures for all the tasks that are undertaken by CKS. All permanent staff must become, and remain, familiar with the system.

All staff must be aware of its existence and understand that safety decisions and work procedures are informed by the SMS.

A safety management system is a document approved by the rail safety regulator and its existence and maintenance is a statutory requirement for an accredited railway.

The Main Safety Management System Document comprises of the following topics:

  • Safety Management System
  • Risk Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Goods and Services Procurement
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Engineering and Operational Systems Safety
  • Interface Management
  • Occurrence Management

Other documents that are also held SMS repository and include titles such as:

  • Savannahlander Operating Plan
  • Edge Hill Depot Yard Operating Plan and ERP’s
  • Safety Induction Booklet
  • Shunting Handbook

All documents in the CKS SMS are required reading by Operational (rail safety workers). Operational staff will periodically be required to confirm that they have read and understood the SMS documents, are aware of any changes and will comply with the requirements. The acknowledgement will be generally in form of an email response or any means that can retained as a file record.

CKS Safety Policy

A formal safety policy is promulgated above the main notice board in the staff meal room at the CKS depot. Read this and be familiar with its content.

Drugs and Alcohol.

CKS workers are required to have a zero BAC when signing on for duty, regardless of their occupation. Workers are not to be under the influence of any non prescription medication or drugs. Drug and Alcohol testing can be conducted at any time or location. The residual affects of non prescriptions drugs can last for many months and still be detected by testing. Make yourself aware of the provisions of the SMS Section 3.4


Shifts and typical rosters are fatigue scored to ensure that workers are mentally alert for their duties. The system used is reliant upon workers having sufficient quality rest during their off duty hours, and acting in a responsible manner during their time off. If you are rostered to perform safety critical tasks, and think you are either fatigued, or have had insufficient rest prior to start of duty, you need to inform your supervisor. SMS Section 3.5 provides additional detail about CKS fatigue management policy.