In an Emergency

Emergency Response Procedures are detailed in a document entitled “Emergency Response Procedures – Edge Hill Depot” – This document is available on line, and is required reading by all staff at CKS / CairnsRail

This document needs to be read by all staff who regularly use the depot.

In case of emergency an alarm is raised by whatever method practicable, for example shouting ‘FIRE FIRE FIRE’ and seeking assistance. When ever dealing with an emergency, staff must never place themselves in danger. Evacuate if the event escalates beyond the capability of first aid appliances (fire extinguishers etc.

If the nature of the emergency cannot be contained, the entire depot must be evacuated.

The evacuation muster point is the open area in front of the depot site office, at the southern end of the compound.

The adjacent access gate leading towards Collins Ave is the main evacuation route out of the depot.

Muster and Escape Routes

People unable to gain access to the southern end of the depot due to the emergency can evacuate to the northern end of the yard or through one of the access gates on the eastern boundary fence.

There are a number of portable fire fighting appliances located in the running shed, on the locomotives, and in the Railmotors. Note that in addition to the formal fire extinguisers, there may be others stored in the shed having reached end of life, but retained for training purposes. The formal extinguishers are mounted on brackets have a have signs placed above their location. There are five of the ‘formal’ extinguishers in the shed

Shed Extinguishers
Shed Fire Extinguishers

There are also two small-bore hose reels in the shed, and one on the boundary fence near the site office.

New employees are to be shown these appliances during formal depot familiarisation.