Safe Working Re-accreditation

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Re-Accreditation Training must be completed by all Operational Staff at three yearly intervals. This course provides revision training and assessments (quizzes) to ensure continuing competence. The Safeworking re-accreditation course covers General Operational Safety and Observance of Signals, with elements of the QR Network Rules and procedures also included. There are two modules (Generals Operational Safety and Observance of Signals), containing a number of lessons for revision Purposes. The Trackside Safety Lesson in General Operational Safety has been divided into a number of topics due to the amount of content associated with that lesson.

After each lesson there is a revsion quiz. This does not count towards your final assessment score but can be used to become familiar with the workings of the assessment system, and to gauge your own knowledge of the content.

There are separate Final Assessments for each of the modules. You may attempt an assessment after completing each associated module, or work through the modules and complete both assessments consecutively.

There are supplementary ‘courses’ for specific safe working territory for which the applicant is qualified and will be required at re-accreditation. Please work through the Lessons and Topics below , complete each revision quiz, then attempt the final assessments for each module.