CKS Safeworking Re-Accreditation

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In competency based training, the applicant seeking assessment must agree to be assessed once they consider themselves ready.

A competent result is considered to be a 90% pass mark for each topic.

If there is an insufficient score for a competent result, the assessor will counsel the trainee depending on what the final score is. In cases where 80% or greater was achieved, the assessment will be reviewed with the applicant given an opportunity to verbally clarify incorrect responses provided. If in the opinion of the assessor, the responses are satisfactory, the result can be marked up and recorded on the file copy of the paper assessment signature sheet. For results below 80%, another re-test must be attempted by the applicant after determining what additional training is required, including whether the training program is suitable for the applicants learning style.

To proceed with re-accreditation, open the ‘Curriculum Tab’ where you will the various topics covered. Lessons contain an introduction to the topic, and a link to a revision workbook that can be used to refresh your knowledge on the topic. Under the Assessments panel, are the actual ‘quizes’ you will need to complete and pass.

The assessment is closed book because in the field, you will not be able to refer to manuals and therefore an underlying knowledge base is essential to safety carry out your duties.

There is no time limit to complete the lessons however the assessments are given generous time limits.

By continuing on with the lessons I am indicating I have  read and understood the above instructions and agree that I believe I am ready to complete this assessment.